Best Probiotic for vaginal health

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

Best Probiotic for vaginal health

Best probiotic for vaginal health

Maintaining feminine health is quite the balancing act. But let’s be honest: issues can happen! Stress, your period, sex, hygiene, and even certain medications can disrupt your feminine environment and throw off pH, leaving you feeling anything but balanced.

Antibiotics are good in fighting bad bacteria in the body and is often recommended by medical experts, but the downside of this is that as these antibiotics kill the bad bacteria they also cause an imbalance in the bacteria content of the body.

The Vagina is a delicate part of the female body consisting of various bacteria that help keep it healthy. It is important to note that antibiotics distort the balance of bacteria in the vagina.

When you have occasional feminine issues, you don’t need a probiotic designed for gut health, you need something formulated specifically for feminine health. Trust AZO Complete Feminine Balance, a once daily oral capsule proven to maintain feminine health.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance

  • Powered by Intellilflora
  • Restores the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast
  • Helps maintain a healthy pH
  • Safe for pregnant women

Hyperbiotics PRO-Women Probiotics

60 ct—Cranberry Extract, D-Mannose—15x More Survivability Than Capsules


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