Eliminating safety hazards in the Home

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

Eliminating safety hazards in the Home

The first step to keeping our homes safe is identifying the various hazards that may be present in our homes. Hazards are any substance, condition or object that have the potential to cause harm.

  1. Electrical Hazards
    1. Overloading an Electrical socket
    2. Exposed electric wires
    3. Damaged or frayed wires and cords
    4. Faulty appliances
  2. Fire Hazards: 
    1. Never leave cooking unattended to
  3. Biological Hazards: In 2011, Poisoning overtook vehicle crashes as the leading cause of unintentional injury related death for all ages. Examples of biohazards are
    1. poisonous house plants
    2. cleaning products
    3. Pesticides.
    4. Overdose on prescription drugs
  4. Physical Hazards: According to the CDC reports year end 2015, the total medical costs for falls totaled more than $50billion.
    1. Unguarded stair cases
    2. Electrical cords crossing a walkway
    3. Toys on the floor
    4. Unguarded kids pool
    5. Slippery mats in the bathtub and shower.

Make a list of any of the hazards you have identified in your home

The procedure below is to guide you take the best efforts to eliminating the hazards

  1. Electrical Hazards:
    1. Use an electrical extension instead of overloading an electrical socket
    2. All damaged and exposed wires should be replaced.
    3. Be sure you only buy electrical products that have been evaluated by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. Underwriters Laboratories incorporated are OSHA approved for this purpose. Look out for products with this seal of approval.
  2. Biological Hazards: This involves putting away poisonous chemicals from the reach of children and that they are safely stored in the kitchen.
    1. Cleaning products should be safely stored in the cabinet
  3. Fire Hazards: The fire Triangle specifies three elements needed for combustion as fuel, ignition source and Air(oxygen)
    1. Smoke detectors are a must have for every home
    2. Fire extinguishers are also a very important tool in every home.
  4. Physical Hazards: Housekeeping is one indispensible culture that should be imbibed if our homes are to be kept safe
    1. Place hand rails on the stair case (both sides if exposed)
    2. It will also be right to ensure the spindles on the stair case is not large enough to contain an infant head
    3. Use nonslip mats in the bath tub or in the shower.
    4. Never leave children unattended to in a pool or bath tub
    5. Keep away small objects that a child can swallow away.


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