24 Shocking Reasons for Hair loss and how to prevent it.

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

24 Shocking Reasons for Hair loss and how to prevent it.

On the average we lose about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily and this is completely normal as this hair tends to grow back. However losing more than this amount over a long period of time may be a sign that something is not right. The truth is everything in our body is interconnected, so if we are experiencing hair loss it is usually a sign that something more major is going on underneath.

Today we are going to examine the things that may make your hair fall out more than normal. Some of these things are unexpectedly shocking and will make you want to scrap some of your really bad habit
We will also examine some tips that will help to reduce the effects of this and prevent the hair loss process.

  1. Genetics:

Once we reach a certain age some of us will lose a certain amount of hair more than the others and this because of our genetics. The problem with genetic hair loss is that the hair loss usually does not grow back. The hair cells are not able to produce more hair strands. At this point the best way will be to preserve the hair already present to prevent further loss
Tips: Reduce frequent washing and pulling of the hair, No bleaching or Chemical perming, nothing that is going to weaken the hair and cause it to fall out. Basically anything that will cause the hair to fall out should be avoided.

2. Pollution

If you live in a big city such as Toronto where it can be very congested and there could be a lot of pollution in the hair, your hair can take a big hit. Your Hair needs to breathe, and good clean oxygen is essential. Pollution in the hair can clog your hair follicle, starving them of nutrition and oxygen causing them to fall out.
Tips: Wearing a hat when you go outside or massaging a scalp cleansing serum that is going to break up any dirt build up and ensure that your scalp is cleansed and purified.

3. Climate

It is a fact that warmer weather increases blood circulation to the scalp and increases the production of all the necessary oils that we need for a healthy hair. People who live in a cold climate experience a slower pace of hair growth and faster hair loss compared to those in warmer regions.
TIP: Use the inversion method, this involves Fliping your hair upside down in siting or standing position and using your finger to massage your scalp for a good 1- 5 minutes. This should be done 2-3 times a week. it will improve the blood circulation of blood and can be seen in improved oil circulation to the scalp.

4. Hormones

Hormonal fluctuations can also lead to hair loss. The reason for this is women lose a good amount of iron during their monthly circle which is an essential element for proper hair growth.
Tips: To prevent too much iron loss during this time, it is essential that women take a high quality iron rich multivitamin on a daily basis and not just during the time of the month.
I personally Recommended product: Mega foods women one daily; It is rich in iron.

5. Low Protein

The Hair is made up of a Protein called Keratin which is synthesized through the protein that we eat. So basically the hair needs us to have a healthy balance of protein in our diet. So if you are not eating enough protein in your diet, it can cause your hair to fall out.
Starchy Foods such as bread, pasta, cereal and other starchy processed foods are very low in protein. These same foods are very high on glycemic index so it can spike your insulin level and this combination is really bad for your hair.
Tips: I would recommend eating three ounces of high quality lean protein such as chicken, fish, eggs, or lentils regularly in your diet.

6. Hydration

In order for all the cells in the body to work and function properly including the hair cells we need a Good amount of water. Water is necessary for carrying nutrients throughout the body. So if you are dehydrated the least important cells in your body such as your hair cells, Skin Cells and nails are usually the first to be affected.
Tips: Drink one to two liters of water every day and make sure that you spread it out throughout the day.

7. Vitamin A

Chances are your diet is not abnormally high in vitamin A, but if you are taking a vitamin A Supplement or a multivitamin rich in vitamin A you might be taking too much of a Good thing. So although vitamin A in small doses is generally good for the overall health of the body, the same Vitamin A in high doses can be toxic to the hair follicle. A high dose of Vitamin A can shrink the oil glands so that they are no longer producing the amount of oil necessary to nourish your hair strands causing them to fall out. So if you are taking a combination of vitamins and supplements you may want to consult your doctor first to ensure that your vitamin A levels are in a safe Level.

8. Stress

We have all experienced stress at one point or the other in our Life. Actually a little bit of stress is good for us as it can keep us sharp and on our toes. If it continues for a very long time can be very detrimental to our health. Science has it that severe amount of stress can actually shut down a bunch of systems in our body. This includes our hair cells.
Tips: Learn how to manage your stress, Do all you need to do to get yourself to a happy calm state.
Sleep: The body restores and regenerates millions of different cells as we sleep, this is the body resting phase. We need to sleep to survive and thrive, so if you are getting poor quality sleep or low amount of sleep, your body will not be able to function properly and your hair will suffer too.

9. Frequent Washing

Washing the hair may seem like a harmless thing but then there is too much of a good thing. When the hair is wet, it does a couple things you may not realize, one of which is that your hair becomes really heavy and starts to tug at the roots; this can cause the hair follicle to weaken over time. Have you noticed that when you take a shower you lose a larger amount of hair in the shower than when it is dry? Also the hair can stretch up to thirty percent of its natural hair length and when that happens you are essentially stretching all the keratin bonds in your hair, and the hair is then very vulnerable to breakage. So the hair follicle also weakens and is a lot more susceptible to falling out.
To prevent as much hair loss as possible. NEVER BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHILE IT IS WET.

10. Not Washing the Hair:

Just like washing your hair too much can be a problem, also not washing it enough can be a bad thing, not washing your hair for a long time(i.e 7days or more). If you go too long without washing your hair, what happens is that all of your hair shafts get clogged up with dirt and excess oil and none of the nutrients from your hair shaft can get to your hair follicle, so basically you are starving your hair strands causing them to fall out.
If your hair is fine and thin, you may need to wash your hair every 2-3days because the oils gets distributed to the hair much faster. If your hair is on the dry side and it is super thick, you can wash your hair within 5 – 7 days but not any longer than that. If you find out that you can’t wash your hair so frequently, you can use a scalp purifying serum or a natural scalp purifier such as alovera gel. It works amazing and will allow you to extend the time between washes.

11. Pregnancy

There are so many fascinating things that happen to a woman body when she is pregnant. In order to nourish the baby in the womb, the body needs to take nutrients from wherever it can and nourish the growing foetus. This means that the extra calories which you consume are going to your growing baby and not the much left for the lesser important cells in the body. It is important to state that this does not apply to every woman in equal proportions. This is however only temporary and so the hair should go back to normal after pregnancy.

12. Breastfeeding

Some women not only experience the abnormal hair loss during pregnancy, it continues even after pregnancy. The reason for this is the same as when a woman is pregnant as the extra calories consumed go to breastfeeding the baby leaving not much left for the hair cell. Again this is only temporary for the period of pregnancy. A good step to take for women in this category is to eat enough calories to sustain themselves and their babies. Also by nourishing the scalp from the outside as much as possible massaging a very nourishing scalp oil into your scalp to make sure your hair remains nourished. I will recommended a Scalp Oil by Earth Nectar mint leaves and makes such a big difference to keeping the hair nourished and shinning.

13. Tight Hairstyles:

Having your hair pulled back in a tight top knot or a tight pony tail all the time is so bad for your hair health. Doing this causes the hair follicle to weaken and eventually fall out of their shafts. If you must have your hair tucked out of your face.

I suggest using messy buns over tight top knots, also using a scrunchie instead of super tight elastic because this is much gentler on your hair and it is something to pull your hair together. When you put your hair in a messy bun instead of using tight elastic to make sure the messy bun is secured, tie loosely and then pin down any loose spot with some bobby pins.

14. Twisting your hair:

Often times we can form a habit of twisting our hair as we talk or at times of anxiety. We often pull and twist with our fingers. This causes the section we often twist to be thin compared to other parts of the hair and makes the hair look unhealthy. This weakens the hair follicle and they are prone to fall out of the hair shafts.
Tips: If you do this, try to catch yourself in the act and tell your friends to help you keep a watch on you.

15. Trauma:

This is one people don’t often realize, if you suffer from severe trauma such as being in a car accident or breaking a bone, this can impact the health of your hair and cause your hair to fall out. In this case your body is forced to into defence mode, all its energy start focusing on the problem at hand. So this is going to affect the less important body functions such as the hair, so that the body can focus on renewing itself.


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  3. Genetics you can’t really change and that’s a real shame in terms of losing your hair and it can be both inherited from either parents not just the mother (as I previously thought)

    There are many options out there to help with thinning hair and with the advanced in science there are now even more extreme options like laser hair transplants.

    Washing your hair ever other day and allowing the natural hair oil is great, also if you use shampoos and conditioners specifically for hair loss and hair regrowth that’s an extra plus.

    Great read, appreciate the information and effort here!

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  4. This article helpful for me about Healthy Hair This Spring. I worried about hair care. Now my confusion has cleared by your review and gotten much information from your article. But I have a little question that, how many days later will I use shampoo for hair quickly grow and strong in a week alongside with the best foods? Could you please suggest to me? Then I will be benefited from your valuable consultancy.

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