Best Probiotics for women

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Best Probiotics for Women

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The term probiotics simply means “to give life”.  

Probiotics have been shown to help crowd out microorganisms that makes you sick and explains why they have shown to be most useful in fighting infectious diarrhea.  

According to Women’s Health Magazine, Choosing the Right strain is Very Crucial to it’s effective use. 

If you’re healthy and want to stay that way… Shoot for 50 to 100 billion CFUs of a combo of lactobcillus and bifidobacterium. Starting with a large amount of CFUs will either keep you riding high (by supporting immunity) or trigger small but yucky reactions, like gas or nausea. If you notice those, scale back to 50 billion, then 20 bill, until you feel like your usual (but better) self. 

If you have annoying tummy troubles… Allow your predominant symptoms to guide you. Bloated and constipated? Look for lactobacillus acidophilus or lactobacillus casei, which help restore gut flora. Can’t stop going number two? Types with saccharomyces boulardii can ease antibiotic-associated diarrhea and even prevent extreme cases caused by infections. 

 If you get recurring yeast infections… The itch-meets-ouch infection is caused by an overgrowth of bad bacteria. To “recolonize” your vagina, you want the good bacteria that’s found there: lactobacillus acidophilus. Go the direct route. Use 2 to 5 billion CFUs in an OTC probiotic suppository, or wet an oral capsule to soften, then insert it. Pros suggest doing this every other day at the end of your period (three times total for prevention).

 If you struggle with anxiety… Your brain and gut talk on the reg, and both produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin (the happiness chemical). Experts think balancing your guy may help treat anxiety, because it promotes better communications between the two. Opt for lactobacillus plantarum and bifidobacterium bi-fi0dum, two strains for anxiety, per research. Try 10 billion CFUs for three to five days. If your tum feels fine, go up by 10 bill

The bacteria in your gut—both visitors and residents—need to eat too. This is the need for prebiotics, nondigestible carbs that feed friendly to bacteria and help them multiply. They may even be helpful on their own in relieving stress.

Prebiotics are better taken daily in the form of food, not pills, as the amount needed may not be available in a  from a supplement. Prebiotics cab be found in wholegrain oatmeal, bananas, onions and garlic.

Some probiotic strains can’t survive the acidity of your gut. So if you’re taking a supplement, make sure it’s coated; the outer shell will help it reach your intestines intact. If you can find only an uncoated version, take it with food to help protect it from the aggressive environment

Culturelle Probiotic Digestive Health Capsules

Works Naturally with Your Body to Keep Digestive System in Balance With the Proven Effective Probiotic


Align Probiotics, Immune Support Daily Probiotic Supplement

Men & Women, 28 Capsules, Support Your Immune Health, No. 1 Doctor Recommended Probiotic Brand


Garden of Life – RAW Probiotics Women

Acidophilus Live Cultures – Probiotic-Created Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Prebiotics – Gluten Free – 90 Vegetarian Capsules

RAW Probiotics Women is a RAW, full spectrum, whole food probiotic formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of women. It offers 32 “original” probiotics, including L. reuteri and L. rhamnosus, specifically formulated for women to support vaginal health and overall digestive function.

RAW Probiotics Women also delivers probiotic-created vitamins, minerals and prebiotics as well as dairy-digesting enzymes to help break down lactose and casein.


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Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder

Supports Healthy Digestion and Growth of Beneficial Bacteria (with Jerusalem Artichoke and Acacia Fiber)—375g (54 servings)


Ultimate Flora Probiotic Adult 50+

Shelf Stable Probiotic Supplement – 30 Billion – 60 Vegetables Capsules


GoLive Berry Probiotic and Prebiotic Blend

Pomegranate, 10-Count


OLLY Kids Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummy Multivitamin 

30 Day Supply (30 Gummies), Just Peachy, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Peppermint, Chewable Supplement



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